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Strombi Volcanoes

The volcanoe is located on the north coast of Sicily. Its name comes from the Ancient Greek name Stongule because its round swelling form. The nickname of the volcanoe is "Lighthouse of the Mediteranean". The volcanoe is constantly active, there has been many eruptions.

external image _42620473_strombmap.jpg
The location of the volcanoe

Strombolis eruptions:

Mt.Stromboli has been has almost been continuous eruption for he past 2,000 years. A pattern of eruption is maintained in which occur explotions at the summit craters, with mild to moderate eruptions of vlcanotic bombs, at the ranging time from minutes to hours. The Strombolian eruption is known and also observed at other volcanoes worldwide. Eruptions from the summit craters ussually result in a few short, mild, but energetic bursts, going up to a few 100 meters in height, having ash, also having lava fragments and stone blocks. The activity is almost exclusively explosive, but lava flows because of the occuring times when volcanic activity is high.

external image article-1250148-083D7772000005DC-6_634x426_popup.jpg

The volcanoe eruption

The Mt.Stromboli elevation is 924m (3,031). The type of volcanoe that it is, is a Stratvolcano, which means that the volcanoe has many layers and it is also know as a composite volcanoe. Its last eruption was in 1934 present. Stromboli is the most active volcanoe on Earth. The volcanoe is widley know for the spectacular eruption that jet foutains of molten rock from its lava-filled central crate. These eruptions are so distintive and also well know, geologist use the word "Stromblian". Volcanoe froms on the northwest f the Aeolian island . Its base begins over 1000 meters below the surface of the Tyrrhenian Sea and rises to the elevation of 924 meters above sea level. Stromboli is part of the Calabrian volcanic arc. Volcanoes that are nerby are Etna and Vesuvius.

external image stromboli-cross-section.gif
The showing of volcanoe and how it eruptions